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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 

Do we create sites for user or the engines?

What’s more important? Creating sites for users or the engines? The answer is both.

Primarily a site should be designed for the user, with search engines in mind. Google tends to talk out both sides of their mouth when they say, “Don’t do anything special for the engines”. Yet, they create a webmaster tool center where you can submit a sitemap, and get information about how the engines see your site, errors and what key phrases your site ranks for. That gives new site owners a little bit of confusion.

I like sites that are easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and that help sell whatever it is you need to. Pages should be set up as landing pages. This way you can give the visitor everything they need to make a purchase or fill out a form. At the same time you can optimize these pages for the engines and use the pages for your PPC campaigns. I believe in doing sites this way. It brings the visitor a much better experience.

The perfect site is not only user friendly, but optimized for the engines. You need to target where people go to in order to provide them with the information or product they need. There is nothing worse than having people landing on a page that is optimized for a phrase but offers no information about it.. It brings the user a bad experience and you a missed sale or lead. Once you have a page optimized, you can streamline the transition from viewing what you have to offer to facilitating a purchase. You can also provide related content and links. This, in turn, will help with you PPC because Google is now checking to see how relevant your landing pages are to the keywords you buy.

In the grand scheme of things, you do need to optimize your site. However, if you do not have usability for the user, your traffic won’t convert. Non-converting traffic is worse than having no traffic at all. It’s a webmasters nightmare.

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Indeed, everbody goes on about how we whould just write websites for humans and forget about search engines, if I did that for my clients they would be in trouble.

It is right, people should only make homepages for search engines only. Internet is for it`s users. We make sites for the users only!


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This is an excellent point.

It is important to understand that our content is not only for human eyes but for the search engines as well.

Humans AND machines in harmony!

Here are a couple of products that can help. www.Nemeas.com and www.Hermusa.com.

I love them to death!

Thanks for sharing that info. I agree completely in that a site should be created for the user. The search engines will pick it up, and - if your users like the content - your ranking will increase.
So YOU can seo YOUR OWN site

"I like sites that are easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye"

This is new thing that i learned. One should also be designer if they wanna be blogger. Your template is really eye soothing.

Great article!

SEOs need to learn about the importance of crafting their web content for their Internet visitors and not just for the search egnies. Ethical SEO Experts are becoming a rare breed in today's link strategist's SERP world.

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I agree in that sites should be designed for the user, with the search engines in mind. Sometimes hard to wrap your mind around that, but if you provide good content your visitors are pleases. Search engines will come.

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Amen to your observations. I designed my site without SEO in mind and after the fact started doing SEO work. The one thing your site needs is to be easily navigable by the users. I learned that the hard way. Use keywords/key sentences in an effective way in your website too that Google can find and use.

This is the question arises in every SEO's mind.

Whether the site should be user friendly or the search engine friendly.

But In my Point of view, The SEO sites should give first preference to search engine crawling by avoiding unnecessary frames, overcrowded images, and etc .

Where as, the other sites meant for information is, should give preference to content and Design.

But its not mean that SEO or Webmaster sites should not give preference to design but it should be search engine friendly.

How To Get Traffic On Sites And Blogs

Does Google adjust organic rankings at set intervals or weekly, monthly?? Does anyone know?

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Once you have a page optimized, you can streamline the transition from viewing what you have to offer to facilitating a purchase the more backlinks you have the better for google :)

making a site \ blog search engine s another thing but making them readable for humans should be the aim of blogger . and i beleive we should create a user centred site \ blog first

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Yes, we need to keep search engine friendly sites. Now the search engine is no more a search engine now. Its a world wide book(WWB). User seeking information first hooks on to this WWB and they are taken to their destination. User action decides if it generate an ORGANIC OR INORGANIC Culture.


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Everyone has such great comments. I, too, believe that we need to create our websites with both users and search engines in mind. I checked out some of the links people provided in hopes to give me tips or assist me in SEO and found Nemeaus.com to be a great investmest. I have seen other blogs where people rave about this program. Might as well give it a shot--what is to lose--they give you a money back guarantee.

I think websites should just be for humans and screw the search engines! In practice though search engines are much more important.

Tools like Artemis Pro produce content which isn't really fit for human consumption! However it is suitable to fool search engines.

In a perfect world there would be no question - machines don't use the Internet - people do. But it would be impossible for humans to keep up with massive information added to the Internet each day.

To get the best of both worlds SEO optimization needs to consider both man and machine. Technology can be used in many areas while still maintaining a quality expericnce for users.

For example tools like Glyphius can increase conversions by helping marketers tailor their message to what consumers want to hear - increasing satisfaction for both.

Technology used properly can benefit everybody.

Websites should only be made for other people. Search engines should come last everytime.

I use glyphius to help me write articles, however I wouldn't touch any article spinner software because it's just not high quality! Glyphius however assists me so it's much better!

I agree with Shirley! If we don't build websites for humans, it shows. I know it's clever to work the search engines and try to bring ourselves to the top, but really, is that all we want? Wouldn't we want people who REALLY want to find us, based on our content? Like Shirley, I've been using Glyphius to help refine my products. Great stuff!

I feel very strongly about this, website content should just be created for humans not machines that wont enjoy it! Glyphius looks like a very useful tool, will have to do some more research!

Hey Emma,
Haven't seen you around these parts in awhile! Merry Xmas!
In addition to using Glyphius, I've been using Artemis Pro to help with all my submissions. It's very SEO-friendly and totally getting the job done!

You're right, Artemis Pro is probably the best way to get your articles out there with little effort. I used to do all manual submissions of everything I wrote, including my blog, etc., but since switching to Artemis Pro, I'm a lot more popular online! :-)

Lots of people seem to like using Artemis Pro, I never heard about it before. After researching it I think I'll buy it. It looks like it even comes with a money back guarantee!

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Definitely! we make sites for user and not just for search engines.. SEs are the basis of how popular your site is and how useful is it to the users. thanks for the info!

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I agree, websites should only be written for humans. In a way it's the search engines that are wrong! They should allow us to find things that we like.

I do agree that SEO is important, has anyone ever used Nemeas?

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As google gets smarter the only thing to do is to write for a human.

And if you write the site for a person to use then you should find that people will use it.

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It's indeed a good source and points mentioned regarding websites and search engines and seo which should be ethical and purely white hat.

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Wonderful, I'm glad that there are people realizing that there is certainly a conflict of interest between websites made to target search engines and websites made to target consumers/readers.
Well done with this post, web-master tools should not have so much information if they did not want us to use that knowledge for our own benefit.

Great articles! Thank you for the post. Good Job!

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Great Information and I completely agree!
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I agree totally with your point of view here. The Internet is ideally for users but without engines, users would never find our pages. I guess we ultimately build sites for both. Next time I build a site, I plan to first get my domain from a domain registrar and then analyze the keywords necessary to be sure engines can find my client's site.

Overall, good article here, Keep up the good work!

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we have to create for both, when SE sees it should look like created for Human eyes (but indirectly for SE spiders eyes) :), when users sees it should look like created for humans ;)

Good question on the table, keep it up

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Should we always prioritized google as the best search engine? How about countries like the philippines that uses yahoo more than google. Would this vary in terms of great results from the websites?

@Liconum: "It is right, people should only make homepages for search engines only. Internet is for it`s users. We make sites for the users only!" No, you dont, there is absolutely no point in making a site if the user cannot find it on the internet, how smart would that be? David Eaves is right, Clients dont just hear about you, word of mouth is useless nowadays the way i see it, the thing is that people nowadays find EVERYTHING on the internet, if i need a picture framed i search it on the net, the first result is usually the one ill be framing this picture at. Liconum, what you are saying is outrageous, ridiculous, and unrealistic.

Sam V.D. Woodsen

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Maybe both of it has the role on which we are creating sites.

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I think we should create the the site and content both for reader and search engine.

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Thank you

Do you think my site has the right balance of content vs SEO?

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We can make a user friendly website popular without Search Engine Ranking(Organic). But for this we need to make our site a Brand Name. This can be achieved through intense online and media marketing. Like viral marketing, feeds, blog, online video and paid advertising like print, TV, PPC ads having eye catching text and banner ads. One can take the example of Ibibo.

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You're right, it should be both. We should focus on optimizing our website, on-page and off-page, without disregarding the real purpose of it... to deliver to the need of the visitor.

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I work in SEO as part of my consultancy, I agree with your article, but must say that the really hard thing I find is not getting traffic, any SEO technician can get huge traffic and ranking in a few weeks, the really hard thing is to get relevant traffic. We have to keep in mind that the traffic most clients want is potential customers, what is the point of having thousands of "mistake" hits of surfers that abandon the page in the first 5 seconds?

I have to also agree with David Eanes and Liconium, it actually translates in what I have just said.

There a bit more about me in my blogs and webpage, but I must warn you that although I research google extensively and test several methodologies a week to be always one step ahead, I dont tend to reveal SEO secrets often, it is a "black art" and that way must stay for guys like us to make money.

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pls tell all guys about the rel="nofollow" attribute of link tag too..

Of course! website should create for users, but search engine is also must for all kind of websites. Because with out SEO support, user will not be benefited. So search engine is must for the website.

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The funny thing is is that web designers create websites for users. And people who do seo create websites for the search engine. If a person knew both they'd be crazy in the web world.


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Yes I agree with you we have make sites thinking of both search engines and human users, yes some people will use lame tricks by placing lot of keywords but without any quality content that will only bring users once to a site.That will not do any good. Wish all you webmasters quality traffic!
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for me, both for users and search engines.

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bozz mantap ni,,, seo nya and blognya...

kapan siih aku seperti ini..:(, ermmmmm, bozz bisa gak tukar2 link ama aku...dibalas ya...syukran

I agree totally with your point of view here. The Internet is ideally for users but without engines, users would never find our pages. I guess we ultimately build sites for both.

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I think sites should be made for both, if only search engines like it, then it will be of no use.Its the same for other way round.

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thanks for sharing.

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I agree totally with your point of view here. The Internet is ideally for users but without engines, users would never find our pages.

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